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Hey there! I’m Kristin!

Creative Designer & Branding Enthusiast

I help small businesses and blogs look their best in bright, fun, and playful designs and colors. I specialize in Website Design, Logos, Branding, Graphic Design & Illustration, using digital and traditional mediums. I’ve been in the design and art business for over a decade, creating hundreds of illustrations for many projects, including a painting used in Cadillac Magazine!

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Designs So Pretty Brand Board
Latest Blog Posts | Logos & Branding

Designs So Pretty Brand Board

In the ever-changing world of small business and marketing, a strong brand identity is your North Star. It guides your business, resonates with your audience, and sets you apart from the competition. And at the core of a powerful brand identity lies the often-underestimated hero: The Brand Board! Not only is it pretty to look…

Micro Business Plan
Business Life | Latest Blog Posts

Micro Business Plan

A micro business plan, also known as a condensed or abbreviated business plan, offers several benefits, particularly for small businesses, startups, or entrepreneurs with limited time and resources. I’ve had a love for Business Plans for many years but they get so overwhelming and I lose interest quickly, so I made this cute thing to…

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